Who's Who

The church has a very simple structure: It is led by Elders who focus on ‘pastoring the flock’, preaching and teaching. One of the elders is the Pastor.

The elders are supported by a group of Deacons, who take care of the practical aspects of the church.


Tom & Elly Mawson& family

Tom Mawson


Tom is married to Elly and they have two young boys. Tom began as full-time pastor in 2021,  before which he was a maths teacher. Elly is a Primary School Teacher.

Martin Tatham


Martin is married to Pat and has two grown up children. He has been part of the church here for many years and joined the eldership in 2021. He works for the mission agency EMF as a church coordinator.


Elva Robinson

Elva Robinson


Elva is a a retired nurse and midwife, who’s lived in Kesgrave for over 30 years. She’s originally from the Caribbean, and often delights us with the cuisine of the area.

Paul Mickelsen

Paul Mickelsen

Deacon and Treasurer

Paul is married to Karla, and they have 3 grown-up children, and many grandchildren, who keep them very busy!

Robin Percy


Robin is married to Brenda and has lived in the Ipswich area his whole life. He has three children and several grandchildren. He works as a civil engineer.