Background and History of Kesgrave Baptist Church

A gospel witness commenced in Kesgrave in 1927 born out of a vision of members from a neighbouring church who saw the need of a gospel witness in what was then a small village and erected a place of worship known originally as Kesgrave Mission Hall. For many years this work continued with its own pastor but under the wing of the founding church.

In 1954 after much prayer the mission became a church in its own right and in 1957 Pastor P C Roworth was called as its first pastor. There followed a long period of growth during which time the original building was extended extensively in order to accommodate the growing congregation. Eventually it was found necessary to undertake a further building project culminating in the opening of the present building in 1968.

Kesgrave Baptist Church came into existence as part of denomination of Strict and Particular Baptists. This denomination over time turned into the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (East Anglia) to which KBC continues to be affiliated and we rejoice in the wide fellowship which this gives with a great number of like-minded churches in the region. We also have close ties with the global mission work done by Grace Baptist Mission and other societies such.

The ministry at Kesgrave is strictly a bible centred ministry and of the Reformed tradition and the preaching at all the regular services is both expositional and expository. However evangelism and outreach has always been and continue to be at the heart of everything we do with the aim to reach as many as possible with the gospel. As a part of this we have an active and progressive programme for the children and young people not only in the church but to the wider area as well.