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Christmas at KBC

Christmas at KBC

You'd be very welcome to join us at any of our Christmas events and services. Come along and celebrate this joyous time with us.

Read Pastor Andrew's Christmas message

When a gift is more than a gift...

one chain of department stores has spent millions on their latest Christmas advert. lt focuses on a Christmas present received by a young boy, which ultimately changes his life. The present is a piano, and the boy turns out to be none other than Elton John. l’m sure there are plenty of people who have been given a piano which has made little or no difference to them, but that young lad couldn't possibly have known just how important that piano would prove to be.

The Bible speaks of Jesus being a gift. And if ever there was a gift that is more than a gift, Jesus is it. Sadly, many lives are untouched by that gift, given all those years ago. But others over the centuries have testi?ed to his transforming effect on their own lives. Riches and fame have their upside, but Elton John could also tell you quite a bit about their downside. He would certainly agree that they aren't what life is really about. Forgiveness and eternal life, on the other hand, don't have a downside. They have the added benefit of being eternal. Unlike money and celebrity, they outlast this life.

The gift that's for life, not just Christmas

Not only do the blessings that Jesus brings outlast this life, they have a profound effect upon us in this life. That is, If those blessings are truly ours. Many Christmas presents are put away after a few days never to be seen again. They may be popular for a week or so, but it doesn't last. One famous advertising slogan that has stuck, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The Dogs Trust wanted us to grasp that, ‘A dog is for life, not just for Chrismas’. Many people were buying a dog as a present without realizing what kind of commitment was involved.

Sadly, a lot of people treat Jesus like that. They are prepared to remember him at Christmas. They might even be prepared to give him an hour or two on a Sunday, but they completely fail to grasp what following him involves. Their life remains unchanged, and daily living is unaffected. Christ calls us to follow him wholeheartedly, and obediently, as our top priority. While that may seem to be asking a lot, he assures us that we will not regret it.

The gift that keeps on giving

‘The gift that keeps on giving’ is a phrase that has been used by a variety of companies over the years. They want to convince us that their product provides ongoing enjoyment or usefulness, rather than a one-off feel good factor. It's been used for radios, washing machines, cameras, televisions, and more besides. The first recorded commercial use was 9o years ago. But the best example of a gift that keeps on giving is that baby born in Bethlehem. Not only are the initial blessings of forgiveness and the Holy Spirit amazing, Jesus promises his ongoing presence and help to those who turn from their sins, put their trust in him and his work on the cross, and follow him. He also assures them that one day they will be with him in a glorious new heaven and earth for ever. He goes on giving eternally.

The must-haves that make Christmas

Another chain of stores chose the slogan, ‘The must-haves that make Christmas’ for their Christmas campaign this year. in fact, they have come in for some criticism, as many of the things advertised couldn't really be considered ‘must-haves’ in any serious sense. But Jesus really is the must-have that makes Christmas. He is the only one who can save us. But that is exactly why he came. And why we need to respond - truly sorry tor our sins, and fully relying on him. Knowing Jesus to be our Saviour, and following him as our Lord - that's what really makes Christmas. Why not join us at Kesgrave Church to celebrate?

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Youth Groups Christmas Event

KBC Youth Groups Christmas event

Even if you are not connected to our Youth Groups - please come along and enjoy the evening.

Christianity Explored Course

Christianity Explored

We run Christianity Explored courses periodically. If you are interested in finding out more about the claims of Christianity or just thinking a bit more deeply about your faith, then please contact our pastor, Andrew Thomson

For more details about Christianity Explored, click here.

Servants of the Word: building the church in Gambia

Servants of the Word

After Steven Musa-Kormayea's visit to us in July, we've updated the information on our web pages, and also put a lot of photos into our photo gallery, including the latest updates to the building project, with the classroom block nearing completion. Do take a look at these.

Also, the latest prayer letter from Steven is here. Do continue to pray for Steven and the work of the Gambia Bible College.

Holiday Bible Club


We hope that al the children who came to out Holiday Bible Club had a fantastic time. We've put a few pictures from the club on our photo album - please take a look here.

If your children enjoyed the club, why not bring them along to one of our Friday youth clubs:

Listen to recent sermons

Here are a few of the recent sermons at Kesgrave Baptist church. For a full list of all the services, with downloadable audio, click here.

Verse of the Day

Toddler Groups

Toddler Groups

During school term time, we run 2 Toddler groups, both meeting on a Tuesday, one in the morning the other in the afternoon. These will be re-startin in September.

Church Calendar

Download our church calendar by clicking on the icon below. Alternatively, if you'd like a copy printed for you then please email Pat Tatham

Church Calendar

Giving to the work of Kesgrave Baptist Church

We've set up a new way to give on-line, if you would prefer to contribute financially to the work of the Gospel at Kesgrave Baptist Church in this way.

Please visit our webpage on giving  - which gives details of this, and other ways to give.

Rosie Bridgwater's Baptism

We were overjoyed to witness the baptism of Rosie Bridgwater recently. Rosie had come to our youth groups, then went to Wetheringsett summer camp, and it was there she became a Christiam. Rosie was baptised by Pastor Andrew Thomson on 24th September 2017, she affirmed that she repented of her sins and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here's the video of Rosie's baptism.

Read Rosie's story of how she became a Christian

I was born in London and lived there until I was about 4. Me and my family didn't go to church back then. My father died, and we moved to Kesgrave. Because I was new, I went to Yoyo's to make friends. About this time I started going to All Saints sometimes with my family. When I moved to Ewoks, I began to listen to the talks about the parables, and began to understand most of it. It was at Ewoks that Esther first told me about camp, although I didn't realize that it was Christian at the time.

When I was at camp I listened to the talks, and, as a result, I asked Jesus to forgive my sins. After camp I began to pray regularly, using some of the prayer notes we were given. As I got older my understanding of the talks got better.

Before the camp in 2016 I knew about baptism, but I didn't know if I was ready. That year something clicked, and I knew I wanted to be baptized. The 'Go Deeper' group and camp this year have made me even clearer that it's the right thing to do. As I grow as a Christian, I want to tell my friends more about Jesus, and show that I'm a Christian in the way I talk and live.

Jonathan Tatham's Baptism

We were very overjoyed to witness the baptism of Jonathan Tatham recently. Jonathan's a teenager who's a student at Reading University, and who's been brought up within the fellowship of the church. He recently decided to profess his faith publicly in the Lord Jesus Christ

Here's the video of Jonathan's baptism for anyone who couldn't make it to the service.

Read Jonathan's story of how he became a Christian

Growing up in a Christian family and coming to church all my life has thankfully exposed me to the ideas of Christianity and stories of the bible from a very young age. Although church was always a part of my life, its significance was never clear to me and other activities such as sports were always more important, and, more enjoyable to me. It was when I first went to bible class at the age of 11, and especially when Tirzah took over a year later, that I first really started discussing and thinking about the bible and its meaning to a deeper extent. For example, we no longer just looked at the stories of the bible, we looked at what this meant for us and how what we read could be applied to our own situations 2000 years on. This helped me consider the importance of why I went to church and what it meant to be a Christian.

Over time, my interest in hearing the bible explained grew greater and my interest in listening to sermons increased and, with the help of making my own notes, I began to form my own opinions based on what I had heard. The arrival of Andrew accelerated this spiritual development as I felt that his sermons immediately began to challenge me personally and I was then at the age when I could really start applying what I heard on a Sunday to my own life. I really began to fully understand that being a Christian was not just about coming to church or praying once in a while. Instead it is about what Jesus did for us that gave us a chance to be saved, I just don’t think I appreciated this fact yet.

I was at a stage where I believed there was a God but I still struggled on a few issues such as assurance, what it meant to have repented and scientific views which oppose the ideas of Christianity. Starting over a year ago, I began having one-to-one meetings with Andrew which initially helped me in tackling the issues that I struggled with and then moved on to the underlying principles of what it meant to live as a Christian with sessions on faith, repentance and baptism. It was around this time that I began to realise that I would never fully understand everything in the Bible, and that these things were not important enough to stop me from giving my life totally to him. More importantly I do trust in Jesus, I believe his word is true and I want to live for him, not myself.

The idea of moving to University was a nervous time for me, I wasn’t sure whether University was for me or whether I’d enjoy it. I know that I and many other people prayed a lot that God would watch over me at this time. God answered these prayers in that I made new friends very easily and found a church that I feel is right for me. Even one of my seven flatmates is from a Christian family and chooses to go to the same church. Moving away was a time when the Bible, church and Jesus could easily have been pushed to the back of my mind but instead God proved that he answers prayer and cares for me despite my failings. There was no specific time that I felt I became a Christian but it was over the weeks leading up to university that I came to a point of knowing that I had truly repented of my sins and believed that Jesus died for me and so was ready to be baptised.

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